Production Incentives/ Feed-in Tariffs
Building a Renewable Energy Industry in Kentucky

As part of the continuing dialogue about sustainable energy for Kentucky, KCC has researched a preferential rate-setting strategy for energy from renewable sources called "Productive Incentives," or "Feed-In Tarfiffs."

For further study, consider these resources:

Mariah Blake, "The Rooftop Revolution: A little-known policy is turning sleepy central Florida into a green energy hub. Could it do the same for America at large?" Washington Monthly, March/April 2009.

Karlynn Cory et al, "Feed-in Tariff Policy: Design, Implementation, and RPS Policy Interactions." National Renewable Energy Laboratory, March 2009. (PDF 446 kb)

Wilson Rickerson et al, "Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Energy in the USA--a Policy Update." North Carolina Solar Center, May 2008. (PDF 821 kb)

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